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When Dreams Scare The _ _ _ _ Out of You

Hello! Happy New Year! I know I have been on a little blog hiatus (I’m sure nobody has missed me) but I AM BACK!

So in lieu of the New Years Resolutions, I decided to share something that has been weighing on my mind this past month.

if your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough

I decided to do something crazy. Like, crazy crazy. Actually, I chickened out a few times trying to convince myself that it would be too crazy. I know for some, this type of crazy is something you could do on the weekend or in your sleep… that isn’t the case for me and I’ll finally tell you what crazy I’m up to.

I am going to run half a marathon this year!!

13.1 Miles

Last year, a month or so before our adoption, I fell in love with running. I was able to run 3 miles with ease (well, without crying). Because I have missed it so much, I decided to take it to the next level. Nah, a 10k wasn’t going to cut it. A full marathon just seemed murderous. But a half marathon, well… that seemed juuuust right.

After shouting my goals from the roof tops to my friends and family, I then realized how crazy that REALLY seemed. I looked at training schedules and my mind went at ease. Then my monthly arch enemy joined (my period folks) me and I realized how terrifying training would be during such a terrible time of the month. So for a few days, I took back my goal and let it go.

A few days ago, as I was walking from my friends house, which is about a little under 5 miles round trip, I remembered a little quote I read somewhere on the internet.

“If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough”.

Well… let me tell ya something- This dream here has pretty much scared the crap out of me (I actually initially typed “sh*t” but knew some people would freak out).

I’ll be signing up for the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon in the next few weeks and running it will fellow running enthusiasts and friends on June 2nd. I can’t tell you how excited, nervous, anxious, and even a little scared I am to do this! I may not be the fastest, strongest, or fittest person there but I am going to finish it!

Here’s to BIG dreams, accomplishing them, and moving forward!

What’s your big dream? Are you pursing it or are you too scared to go for it?



8 thoughts on “When Dreams Scare The _ _ _ _ Out of You

  1. The idea of running is great! I love walking around my town and the only rigorous run/jog/walking I can do is on an elyptical (spelling?) because I have trouble pacing myself and end up winded or falling on my a due to my terrible weight distribution.
    Even when I was at my healthiest, my cardio was shyte. I think I m the only person who wishes they could run, but just physically can not.

  2. I’m excited for u. U got this honey. Can’t wait. To see the pix of u crossing the finish line.

  3. No, Not exactly.I start with a jog and usually start reaching for an inhaler right then. Whenthe adreniline kicks in I wannago faster… but my poor cardio system just cant keep up… even when I lost 100 lbs and quite smoking I just cant do distance running, I can sprint like a champ but no matter how much I train, I just cant run.

  4. You are going to do a great job! One of these days I want to run the Marine Corps Marathon. I’ll be cheering you on from the side line! Good luck! You are a lot stronger than you think and you are going to do amazing!!! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Are you using an app for the training. My SIL used on for her half marathon and she has ran two so far.

  5. I could totally see you running the Marine Corps marathon, Susan!! I found a 10 week training program that I hope to go by when I start training!

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