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Little Bear Turned Two

I wasn’t present the minute my Little Bear was born. I wasn’t even there later that day, or the next week, or the next month. I didn’t even know he existed until that fateful day in late May when we received the email. Today, my Little Bear turned two! He has brought so much joy… Continue reading Little Bear Turned Two


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Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

I really wanted to sleep in and of course he’d wake up 30 minutes earlier. My first Mother’s Day happened yesterday. A year ago I dreaded going to church that day but I went anyway. I got a card with a chocolate offered to me at the entrance of the church by the greeter. Part… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

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The B’s Celebrate Lucas’s Gotcha Day

March 27, 2013 is a date that will forever be embedded in our hearts. Little Lucas officially (legally) joined our family! We can finally share pictures with you of his precious face and no longer tease you with his cute little toes. Little guy has grown so much and is thriving! It’s all God’s love… Continue reading The B’s Celebrate Lucas’s Gotcha Day

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The Baby Clothes Hoarder

I’ve become somewhat of a hoarder. My closets seem to have reached their maximum capacity on stored baby clothes that have no chance of fitting my soon to be 1 year old. I can’t seem to rationalize giving away or selling any of it and I’ve realized I have developed an emotional tie to it.… Continue reading The Baby Clothes Hoarder

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A Letter To My Little Love

Lucas, my sweet baby, my joy, I commence this post with tears welling in my eyes. I am in awe at God and how He worked in our lives this year. Your birth, your journey, your transformation, and your healing is nothing short of a miracle and trust me, you will always grow up knowing… Continue reading A Letter To My Little Love