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Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

I really wanted to sleep in and of course he’d wake up 30 minutes earlier. My first Mother’s Day happened yesterday. A year ago I dreaded going to church that day but I went anyway. I got a card with a chocolate offered to me at the entrance of the church by the greeter. Part… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}


Adoption Journey · Dear Birthmother · The Blog

Dear Birthmother {Half Birthday}

Dear Birthmother, This Tuesday marked our sweet Lucas’s 6 months. It’s incredible, really. I see this tiny baby, now the size of a 2 month old and I giggle at the thought of him being a 6 month old. I get lost staring at [our] precious baby. Suddenly bursts of emotion come over me… It… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {Half Birthday}

Adoption Journey · Dear Birthmother · The Blog

Dear Birthmother {the first of many}

Dear Birthmother, I thought about you today, as I always do. I really don’t know where to begin but my attempt to connect to you has been heavy in my heart lately. The social worker finally gave us your name, along with your partners name and some general information on your three children. My heart… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {the first of many}