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Cooking It Up {Mama and Lucas in the Kitchen}

Cooking is my favorite. I love getting lost in the ingredients. Chopping, dicing, tasting, stirring, measuring or eyeballing. I love it all. I mostly love the part when the meal is served and I heard “mmmm” or “wow, that’s delicious”. What can I say? I kind of love hearing people say they like what I… Continue reading Cooking It Up {Mama and Lucas in the Kitchen}


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Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

I really wanted to sleep in and of course he’d wake up 30 minutes earlier. My first Mother’s Day happened yesterday. A year ago I dreaded going to church that day but I went anyway. I got a card with a chocolate offered to me at the entrance of the church by the greeter. Part… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

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I Hide When Life’s Too Good {& Hello Autumn}

I’ve been gone for too long. I’ve been gone from (raw) writing, gone from church, gone from the outside world, and sadly gone, far, far away from God. I hesitate on my return. Why have I been gone? I have never been one to shy away from the truth on my blog… so here it… Continue reading I Hide When Life’s Too Good {& Hello Autumn}

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Georgia On My Mind {late night ramblings}

It’s been one heck of a year for us and it’s not even the end of it! Needless to say, this year has by far been the GREATEST yet! Two adoptions: our Jimmy dog and our amazing baby Lucas, moved to a bigger place, lost a little bit more weight, became a runner (for two… Continue reading Georgia On My Mind {late night ramblings}

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Lovin’ Lucas {embracing motherhood}

I LOVE being a mom! I’m finally getting in the groove of things, sort of, or maybe I feel less insane. The sleep deprivation could be worse so I’m grateful he only wakes up 3 times a night and goes back to sleep. I’m also trying not to kick myself over some things I expected… Continue reading Lovin’ Lucas {embracing motherhood}