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Easy Yogurt Recipe

Rich, creamy, GMO free yogurt. YUM! I’ve been making yogurt for a year and a half and I haven’t gone back to store bought. Let’s jump to it! Here’s what you need: 1 pot (and lid) large enough to hold 2 quarts wooden spoon food thermometer Ingredients: half gallon of milk 1 cup of organic… Continue reading Easy Yogurt Recipe

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Zoodles! Chicken, Bacon and a Quick Spaghetti Sauce

So I made zoodles and it was oodles of fun! Gosh, that attempt to rhyme failed but I’m totally not going to backspace… Moving on. So being the Instagrammer that I am, I posted the picture of last nights meal and I got some buddies of mine that wanted the recipe. And being the uber… Continue reading Zoodles! Chicken, Bacon and a Quick Spaghetti Sauce

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Favorite Kitchen Tools

Hey! It’s me again, the stranger that peeks in every few months to write a few words. I’ve been wanting to share with you some kitchen knowledge. Believe it or not, this past year I have learned quite a few things about kitchen gadgets. These gadgets have made my time in the kitchen a whole… Continue reading Favorite Kitchen Tools

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Broccoli and Potato Soup

Hi guys! I’m back with another recipe! Last night I made something heavenly. I posted it on my IG and the thousands comments cried “recipe please!!”. Okay, not thousands… more like 2 but I figured I would share this gem of a recipe anyways. You’ll be surprised that hardly any cheese was used and it… Continue reading Broccoli and Potato Soup

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Mixed Berry Crisp

So it’s no secret. I love sweets. I love baked goods. I love carbs. Because nothing goes better together than a warm cup of coffee and a dessert straight out of the oven. Plus, fall is officially here, so that means more coffee and more baking! One of my go to desserts lately has been… Continue reading Mixed Berry Crisp

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Eat This: 3 Ingredient Almond Butter

I discovered almond butter half a year ago. Granted, it already existed, it just didn’t exist in my world. I started buying one from my local grocery store, made by the grocery store, and loved it. I didn’t, however, enjoy the price. Then I discovered Pinterest. I found a recipe I liked and tried it… Continue reading Eat This: 3 Ingredient Almond Butter

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Healthified Breakfast {blueberry} Muffins

My husband drools when I mention these. I mean, what’s not to drool about? They are sweet, healthy, and perfect when you’re on the go in the mornings! I like to bake them Sunday night so that we have enough throughout the week for breakfast! I like to pair it with some fresh fruit on… Continue reading Healthified Breakfast {blueberry} Muffins