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Even If You’re Filthy

There are so many lessons we can learn from our dogs. One is- if you need to go bathroom, you just need to go. Holding it in is bad for your bladder anyways. Although that may not be appropriate advice for every situation, I think it’s wise to keep that one in the books. For… Continue reading Even If You’re Filthy


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On Picture Perfect Lives and Facing Epic Battles

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” Nobody goes through life unscathed in one way or another. Sometimes battles come all at once, hitting us like a tropical storm with the works- rain, hail, lightening, thunder, and a gusting wind. Then sometimes battles come sporadically, just when one is over and… Continue reading On Picture Perfect Lives and Facing Epic Battles

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Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

I really wanted to sleep in and of course he’d wake up 30 minutes earlier. My first Mother’s Day happened yesterday. A year ago I dreaded going to church that day but I went anyway. I got a card with a chocolate offered to me at the entrance of the church by the greeter. Part… Continue reading Dear Birthmother {Mother’s Day}

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Through The Potter’s Hands (again)

“Why do I have to go through yet ANOTHER trail?” I cried to my friend on the phone while talking to her about some of life’s recent strike against me. She then said “because you are strong”. Of course, me, strong. I went on about telling her how unfair it felt; how life has always… Continue reading Through The Potter’s Hands (again)

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The Baby Clothes Hoarder

I’ve become somewhat of a hoarder. My closets seem to have reached their maximum capacity on stored baby clothes that have no chance of fitting my soon to be 1 year old. I can’t seem to rationalize giving away or selling any of it and I’ve realized I have developed an emotional tie to it.… Continue reading The Baby Clothes Hoarder