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The Fittest Summer of My Life

It has been a wonderful summer!

A year ago we had just moved to Augusta and I was truly hating it. I missed my sandy San Diego beaches and hated the Georgia humidity. A year later I sit here writing about how much this area has grown on me. Let me tell you why.


Better yet- Crossfit Augusta.

Pull Up

In October of last year I decided that I needed a new workout routine. A neighbor had told me about how awesome Crossfit was and I decided I’d give it a try. I became a member late October but was wishy washy about showing up. In mid January I finally started showing up consistently. I started meeting new people. Friendly people with fit bodies and sweaty faces. Everyone was just genuine. These were the type of people I’d avoid in a regular gym because they were so fit and good looking but it was different in the box. We’d do a WOD (workout of the day) and if I was last (which happens more often than not) they’d cheer me on. When I’d have a last lap to run, they’d run it with me even though they had just finished. At the end of the WOD we were all the same… sweaty, tired, happy, and on the ground panting.

A few months later I heard about a female competition that would be hosted in South Carolina the last weekend of June. I signed up for it. I signed up because I needed a motivator to keep training hard and boy, I sure did. I trained my butt off. There were lots of tears, LOTS. But competition day arrived and I didn’t die. By late June I had lost 15lbs in a month and a half, ran more miles in a month than I had ever ran in a year before, and competed in my first crossfit competition. Sure, I came in 2nd to last place in the scaled division but that’s a few places higher than those that didn’t compete (can you tell I’m competitive?). And in June my Crossfit box made me Athlete of the Month! Woot!

Clash of Amazons
Clash of Amazons


In July I committed myself to run more than 45 miles and I did. I joined up with a few friends that I met from my neighborhood and started a mom running group. I also joined team RWB (Red White and Blue), an organization that enriches veterans lives by working out with them, and ran a 6 miler!

Two days ago I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I signed up for a half marathon! I can’t tell you how giddy I am but just take my word.

I’ll be running 13.1 miles in February 2015!

I’ve read a few negative articles on why crossfit is bad for you but I wanted to share why it has been amazing for me! First, it’s made Augusta so much more appealing! I love the sense of community that my box has given us. Second, I’m stronger. I mean although I’m barely able to clean 90-95lbs compared to others, I am stronger now than I was before! Third, the coaches! Amazing people. Their knowledge and passion for this sport is admirable. Our box has some incredible leadership!

Keep moving. Keep making goals. Keep a positive attitude and you’ll accomplish a lot!


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